The Grist: What a More Sustainable American Food System Would Look Like

Photo via The Grist, Artwork by Amelia Bates

The Grist posted a great article and interactive graphic on what the American food system would look like if it were to take a more sustainable approach.  This piece is a part of the greater series, The United States of Sustainability, a project looking to find individuals in every state who is breaking the status quo away from our current food system and simultaneously addressing the issues facing our food system.

From pizza in Seattle, cheese in Wisconsin (obviously), to bugs in Massachusetts (not so obvious), the interactive piece sheds light on some the innovative work being done state-by-state.  At the end of her article, Eve Andrews posits an interesting question when comparing the larger scope issue of the flaws of the American food system with the small-scale work that individuals are accomplishing that contributes to fixing the problems.

“When there are so many problems, how do you pick which one to tackle first?”

I completely agree with her summation that in reality, there is no one definite solution.  It is undoubtedly true that the work that these individuals are doing, even if it just local to their state or city, is a step in the right direction and a step away from mass food production and the ills of the current American food system.

Head on over to The Grist and give the series a whirl.




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