Review: “The Agency of Eating”

My review of Emma-Jayne Abbots’ book, The Agency of Eating, was recently published in the Graduate Journal of Food Studies.  You can read the full review below!



Erica Zurawski

Emma-Jayne Abbots. The Agency of Eating: Mediation, Food and the Body. Bloomsbury Academic, 2017. ix, 192 pp.

In The Agency of Eating, Emma-Jayne Abbots undertakes the burdensome task of challenging scholarly notions about eating and the ways it can be studied. In her dense theoretical foray into the processes of consumption, Abbots seeks to unite the eater, food, and knowledge to demonstrate the entanglement of matter and meaning-making. By doing so, she makes a strong case for expanding the boundaries of interdisciplinary food studies scholarship by reconsidering the practice of eating through the relation between the feeling body and the politics of food. Even though the path she traces to make her argument is complex, she consistently holds one simple idea at the fore: that food should be treated as food.

Abbots builds on her own ethnographic research in Jima, Ecuador, in tandem with other ethnographic and…

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